Monday, July 21, 2014


So I've been back home now for nearly 2 months, the 5 months trip was the trip of my life.
So many experiences, so many new friends and most importantly I finally got over myself, I have no more problems to be alone, wether to travel in a foreign country or just to be anywhere on my own..
Finally I found the peace of mind and realized that there's no need to be scared of life or to be afraid what other people might think.

So back to Portugal, its been great times so far, met so many new people, old friends, people came to visit and we've been having heaps of fun.

My usual morning view and juice.

My mum left to England and she's going to buy a place in Hawaii sometime soon, so I'll guess my family ties in Portugal will be extincted soon
This makes me think a lot and I came to the conclusion, that I don't want to spend anymore depressing winters in Europe.
My heart longs to be in the sun in the heat far away from all the rain and all the gray windy days.
So I guess in fall I will be back on the road, if everything goes as I am planning.

So when I got back from my trip, a couple of people, came up to me and gave me head ups for my travels and adventures they followed my blog and my social media sites.
Also a couple of mates contacted me to get some fitness tips, most of them know me for a long time so they could tell by the photos and videos about my evolution.
Its an achievement for me to inspire other people in a positive way so I gladly helped them the best I could, its really not a big secret about improving our physiques:

  • 75% depends on what we eat.
  • 25% depends on how much we exercise.

So this was really very positive, of course there were also negative comments and approaches from people, like “what are you gonna do with your future”, or one time I was sitting at night in a bar and a guy asked me where my muscle shirt was.
I guess people always tend to point fingers at others, its so much easier to criticize the neighbor than to get our fat asses up and change ourselves.
One guy told me: “When I am 50 my bank account will look much better than yours”, well have fun with your money, your cars, your houses, your stuff... Because I am not worrying about whats gonna be when I am 50, I prefer to enjoy whats happening right now and I listen to my heart when it comes to living, not my mind or what society wants me to be.

At work.

Of course its important to work, have an income and have goals, there's no doubt about that, but I'd rather be a free traveler with an average income, than a corporate slave or just daddy's son who never really worked for anything in life.
It feels wonderful having this balance in living a healthy life with a good diet and an active lifestyle but also I don't forget to feed my soul, my imagination and my thoughts with positivity.

My home beach.

I am single now for over a year and I must say it feels good not to be constantly looking and searching for a partner. I just live my day by day with an open heart, meeting new people and not giving other people any expectations.
I think expectations are the worst, its so important to be honest and fair to each other, even if its often not the easiest way, trust me its the right one. Truth in the end always wins.

As usual I am gonna finish my post with a quote:

“Take a seat and expect or take a step and act”.

Alex Wirthl, Praia do Carvoeiro, 2014 

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