Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Bag

So recently I found out that I like writing, thus the idea of doing a blog.
My friend Marta from, asked me to write a guest post for her, which was my first post about my travels and my life journey in general and I have to say I quite enjoyed writing it.

This is where I spent today, Tonsai Beach, Thailand.

Its good in life to travel light, I always organize my bag so that the essentials fit into it, I try to avoid unnecessary stuff, because it will turn the bag heavy and traveling will become harder.

I always try to be wise with my choices and I am not only referring to things which I take with me.
My state of mind is also very important, its good to have a light and open heart while traveling! I also try to be spontaneous while getting on the road, open for new adventures and unique experiences, unforgettable acquaintances with exceptional people, who will change my life.

My Backpack, my board and myself.

It used to be so difficult for me to let go in life. I am talking about personal relationships with people, things and money, etc.
In general it took me so much energy and thoughts to get over myself and to finally take a decision.
I had real problems whenever I was in a relationship in trusting my partner, I would always think she would cheat, lie and have bad thoughts about me. 
My insecurity usually ruined the relationship, so it would turn something beautiful into a dark unpleasant routine.

Nowadays I am on the way of getting calmer, I try to be wiser, reflect a lot about things and act in a more balanced way.

And most of all I have trust in myself, I can rely on me and I know that, I will not let me down, so all the doubts, fears and negative thoughts which I was projecting to my partner, but which in reality were fears that I had about myself are vanishing more and more, day by day. 
It takes its time, but I can compare this journey to climbing up a mountain, its the step by step which brings us to our final destination.

Mount Rinjani in Indonesia during a sunset.

Its in the day by day, in the small things, I notice that I am changing. 
People who know me, know my sense of humor and that I love to joke around and I still do that, but not by putting people down, as I used to do it a lot in the past, I still do jokes but in a respectful way, I don't want to hurt anyone, I just like to be genuinely myself without having to act that I am someone else.

So I am going to finish my first blog post with a line of a song of one of my favorite bands, I've used this line before and I am sure it won't be the last time I use it.

"Just be yourself It doesn't matter if it's good enough f
or someone else". The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.

At a Jimmy Eat World Concert in 2011.