Sunday, November 2, 2014


The Summer of 2014 was great, fine parties, new friendships and lot of beach time.
I did pretty much what I am best at, I had fun.

Summer feeling at a boat party in Lagos, Portugal

What means freedom to you?
Everyone talks about it, everyone wants it, most people have different definitions and views about it.
For me its to be independent, no kneeling no buckling and no acting, just being able to be myself.
Being free is also for me to say, I am going away tomorrow, I am leaving this city, this place or this country, because I am not happy here.
So being self employed and flexible is a big step towards freedom for myself.

The Ocean gives me freedom.
Being truly free is a mind set, its when we are able to have positive thoughts and keep calm in the most difficult and stressful situations.
It's easy to keep positive, when things are going well, but our mental strength is challenged for real, when things get complicated.
Panic, stress, anger, fear are feelings which often appear, when the shit hits the fan.

So be prepared for these kind of emotions, while we are down its good to remember and visualize the moments when we were up and high on life, if we do so, we will easily realize that forward is the only direction we can follow, while climbing back up the latter of life.
Because better times will always come, much sooner than we expect.

Sometimes its important to reflect.

Life is like our heartbeat or a roller coaster its filled with ups and downs, its never linear, the hills are not in our control, but its up to us to define our state of mind, its up to us to adapt ourselves to the up and the downhills.
So lets keep our thoughts positive our mind clear and our hearts open and most importantly lets not depend our happiness on other people. 
Its up to us to be happy and not up to other people to make us happy.

Love, trust and happiness is inside of us, looking for love in other people is like going cliff fishing with bare hands without a fishing rod, if we have a fishing rod the fish will eventually come to us and we will catch it. 

The saying meet you half way has its accuracy when it comes to love & relationships, the effort has to come from both parts.
A one way street will always be a noway street for one of the sides.
If we have love for us then we will have love for others.

If you're not having fun, you're not living.
One of the things I learned is that we shouldn´t take life too seriously, its good to set goals and tasks, but never forget that in the end, its not what we take with us, its all about what we have experienced, the wealth inside of us, what we have truly lived, that's what matters.
On our deathbeds we will remember all the good things we lived,  we won´t remember the situations where we decided to take risks, in order to be able to experience those good things.
Also we will have regrets, from the situations where we didn´t go for it, where we didn´t follow through and took a chance.
So if you feel right about something, but you aren´t sure if you should do it or not, do it anyway! 
Tomorrow might be too late.
I don´t want to have many "what if.." dejavues, when I get old, how about you?

Freedom is easier in the sun.
I tend to see life more and more as a game, play it light but with heart and soul. Use your instincts, your mind when necessary but be true to yourself, to your morals and believes.
Don´t demand respect from others, if you don´t respect yourself.
It´s not about how others see you, it´s about how you see yourself and how you treat yourself.
Pleasing and living for others only stimulates your ego, being selfless is helping others and yourself without expecting anything in return and that is being truly free.

As usual a final quote:
"Freedom is not about the final destination, its all about the journey. Be wise while choosing your path.”

Alex Wirthl, Praia do Carvoeiro, 2014